The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is back, baby!

64 of the top senior prospects in college basketball will have the chance to showcase how their games translate to the professional level in front of onlooking NBA, G League, and international front office scouts/decision-makers.

PIT, at its core, has always been an event for NCAA seniors who have exhausted their collegiate eligibility and are definitively commencing their professional careers. That becomes a bit murkier upon the event’s return this year. The NCAA’s decision to grant an additional season of eligibility has resulted in trickle down pre-draft nuances. Last year, many “seniors” had to declare for the draft and submit early entrant paperwork, where in the past they would have been inherently auto-eligible.

Unsurprisingly, we saw more than a handful of paperwork mishaps and unfulfilled draft declarations. This season, we see glaring inconsistencies in how NCAA teams have gone about listing a player’s class on their roster. Some simply froze and repeated a player’s class designation. Some slapped a “redshirt” tag on for good measure. Others just kept plugging along as usual. Put simply, extending eligibility was the right move but it’s caused a bit of logistical chaos.

So how does this impact this year’s PIT? How do we define a senior? Who all is under consideration to be invited by the PIT Player Selection Committee?

After doing a bit of digging, it seems that the PIT, NCAA, and NBA are in the midst of finalizing negotiations on the logistical minutiae on these matters… but all indications point toward both traditional seniors with remaining NCAA eligibility and auto-eligible COVID super seniors being considered for invitation.

Note: Traditional seniors must forgo their remaining eligibility in order to participate in the 2022 PIT.

Three weeks ahead of the event, I linked up with Mr. PIT himself, Sam Meyerkopf, to mock out a field of 64 invitees. While this isn’t our first rodeo with this exercise, it proved to be quite difficult to pin down the last few slots. Perhaps Portsmouth needs its own version of the NCAA First Four? A one-on-one battle royale between super fringe senior prospects? Sign me up for that!

After much contemplation, here is the field we landed on (with regular updates logged below as we obtain new intel… updated to reflect finalized rosters announced on April 11th):

ProspectDraft AgePre-Draft TeamPositionHeightWeightPIT TeamAgency
Alex Barcello23.8BYULead Guard6'1 1/2"186Mike Duman AutoTandem + You First
Fatts Russell24.1MarylandLead Guard5'10 1/4"154Roger Brown'sOctagon
Charlie Moore24.4MiamiLead Guard6'0 3/4"181K&D Round'sExcel
DeVante' Jones24.2MichiganLead Guard6'0 3/4"192Portsmouth PartnershipRize
Alonzo Verge Jr.23.7NebraskaLead Guard6'2 1/2"162Sales System LimitedEZ
Ty Gordon23.7NichollsLead Guard6'0 3/4"200Portsmouth Sports ClubBeyond
Trevor Hudgins23.3NW Missouri StateLead Guard6'0"186Norfolk Sports ClubGSL
Jacob Gilyard23.9RichmondLead Guard5'9"156Portsmouth PartnershipGlass
Jamaree Bouyea23.0San FranciscoLead Guard6'1 1/4"168Mike Duman AutoGlushon
Tommy Kuhse24.5St. Mary'sLead Guard6'2 1/4"184Roger Brown'sRize
R.J. Cole22.8UConnLead Guard5'11 3/4"185Jani-King CleanRZA
Terrell Brown Jr.24.2WashingtonLead Guard6'2 1/4"179K&D Round'sRep1
Michael Flowers23.4Washington StateLead Guard6'1 1/2"188Sales System Limited20Twenty
JD Notae23.7ArkansasCombo Guard6'1 3/4"183K&D Round'sEZ
Javante McCoy24.4Boston UniversityCombo Guard6'5 1/4"173Portsmouth Partnership20Twenty
Michael DeVoe22.5Georgia TechCombo Guard6'4 3/4"183Sales System LimitedExcel
Trent Frazier23.8IllinoisCombo Guard6'2 1/4"173Portsmouth Sports ClubTriple Double
Tyson Jolly24.9IonaCombo Guard6'4 1/4"201Portsmouth Partnership540
Courtney Ramey22.7TexasCombo Guard6'3"181Norfolk Sports ClubGreen
Koby McEwen24.9Weber StateCombo Guard6'3 1/2"191Jani-King CleanBeyond
Taz Sherman23.9West VirginiaCombo Guard6'4"175Portsmouth Sports ClubVerus
Stanley Umude23.2ArkansasWing6'6 1/4"204Mike Duman AutoPar-Lay
Jeenathan Williams Jr.23.4BuffaloWing6'6"207Mike Duman AutoProMondo
Alex O'Connell23.1CreightonWing6'5 3/4"182Portsmouth Sports ClubLIFT
D'Shawn Schwartz23.4George MasonWing6'6 1/2"231Portsmouth Sports ClubSiegel
Lucas Williamson23.4Loyola (IL)Wing6'4 1/4"202Norfolk Sports ClubEdge
Darryl Morsell23.3MarquetteWing6'5"210K&D Round'sUNLTD
Payton Willis24.4MinnesotaWing6'4 1/4"188Jani-King CleanEdge
Jericole Hellems22.7NC StateWing6'5 3/4"204Roger Brown'sGreen
Jared Rhoden22.8Seton HallWing6'5 1/4"206Norfolk Sports ClubNEXT
Quenton Jackson23.8Texas A&MWing6'4 1/4"170Jani-King CleanYoung Money
Bryce Hamilton21.6UNLVWing6'4 1/4"201Roger Brown'sOctagon
Alex Morales24.6WagnerWing6'7 1/4"187Mike Duman AutoSports DNA
Ryan Turell22.4YeshivaWing6'6"187Sales System LimitedExcel
Abu Kigab23.6Boise StateForward6'6 3/4"220K&D Round'sGreen
Silvio De Sousa23.7ChattanoogaForward6'8 1/4"235Roger Brown'sEdge
Ryan Hawkins25.1CreightonForward6'7"222Norfolk Sports ClubPotter
Anthony Duruji23.9FloridaForward6'7"205Portsmouth PartnershipProMondo
Jordan Usher24.1Georgia TechForward6'6 1/2"214Norfolk Sports ClubOctagon
Fabian White Jr.23.6HoustonForward6'8"231Mike Duman AutoSaga
Ty Flowers24.4LIUForward6'9"204K&D Round'sLafayette
Darius Days22.7LSUForward6'6 3/4"238Portsmouth Sports ClubEZ
Gaige Prim23.2Missouri StateForward6'8 1/2"238Sales System LimitedOne Legacy
Jamal Cain23.3OaklandForward6'7 1/2"192Jani-King CleanOne Legacy
Savion Flagg23.2Sam HoustonForward6'6 1/2"230Portsmouth PartnershipGreen
Cole Swider23.1SyracuseForward6'9"218Sales System LimitedWME
Jimmy Boeheim III24.1SyracuseForward6'9"221Jani-King CleanRoc Nation
Jeriah Horne24.2TulsaForward6'6 1/4"218Roger Brown'sHazan
Tyrese Martin23.3UConnForward6'6 1/4"210Roger Brown'sUNLTD
Brandon Horvath24.2Utah StateForward6'10 1/2"200K&D Round'sSlan
Justin Bean25.6Utah StateForward6'7 1/2"198Sales System LimitedPriority
Nick Muszynski23.6BelmontBig6'10 3/4"241Mike Duman AutoNEXT
Josh Carlton23.3HoustonBig6'10 1/4"239Sales System LimitedTSEG
Malik Williams23.8LouisvilleBig6'11"252Portsmouth Sports Club
Garrison Brooks23.0Mississippi StateBig6'9 1/2"231K&D Round'sWME
Rocky Kreuser23.3North Dakota StateBig6'9 3/4"236Portsmouth PartnershipSlan
Paul Atkinson Jr.23.4Notre DameBig6'9"227Jani-King CleanEdge
Nysier Brooks25.5Ole MissBig6'11 3/4"252Norfolk Sports ClubGreen
Nate Watson23.7ProvidenceBig6'10"262Jani-King Clean
Grant Golden24.4RichmondBig6'10 3/4"247Roger Brown'sSIG
John Fulkerson25.1TennesseeBig6'8 1/4"208Portsmouth Sports ClubADS
Isaiah Whaley24.2UConnBig6'8 1/4"213Mike Duman AutoPar-Lay
Keve Aluma23.5Virginia TechBig6'8 1/4"235Norfolk Sports ClubPensack
Dallas Walton24.7Wake ForestBig7'0"222Portsmouth PartnershipGIG

Projected Declined Invitations

Ochai Agbaji                 Andrew Nembhard           KJ Williams                          Kam McGusty              Kendric Davis

Alondes Williams         Ron Harper Jr.                  Javon Freeman-Liberty      Hunter Maldonado       Tevin Brown

Keon Ellis                      Pete Nance                        Drew Peterson                     David McCormack        Vince Williams Jr.       

Trevion Williams          Gabe Brown                      Kellan Grady                         Will Richardson              Taevion Kinsey

 Matthew Mayer           Collin Gillespie                  Buddy Boeheim                  Darius McGhee               Osun Osunniyi

Izaiah Brockington       Marcus Bingham Jr.        Antoine Davis                      Brady Manek                   James Akinjo

DeAndre Williams         Jermaine Samuels

PIT-Caliber Returners

Colin Castleton             Matt Bradley

Update Log

3/24/2022 6:45 p.m. EST: Moved Drew Peterson (USC) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Garrison Brooks (Mississippi State) to Mock, per updated intel.

3/25/2022 12:15 p.m. EST: Moved Javon Freeman-Liberty (DePaul) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added D’Shawn Schwartz (George Mason) to Mock, per updated intel.

3/28/2022 12:30 p.m. EST: Removed Peter Kiss (Bryant) from Mock and added Paul Atkinson Jr. (Notre Dame) to Mock, per updated intel.

3/31/2022 12:30 a.m. EST: Moved KJ Williams (Murray State) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Nate Watson (Providence) to Mock, per updated intel.

3/31/2022 8:45 p.m. EST: Removed Kyler Edwards (Houston) from Mock and added Terrell Brown Jr. (Washington) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/2/2022 3:30 p.m. EST: Moved Kam McGusty (Miami) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Grant Golden (Richmond) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/3/2022 1:15 p.m. EST: Removed Xavier Johnson (Indiana) from Mock and added Alex O’Connell (Creighton) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/3/2022 11:45 p.m. EST: Removed Paul Scruggs (Xavier) from Mock and added Alex Morales (Wagner) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/6/2022 8:30 a.m. EST: Moved Colin Castleton (Florida) from Mock to Returners and added Javante McCoy (Boston University) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/6/2022 1:45 p.m. EST: Moved Hunter Maldonado (Wyoming) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Nick Muszynski (Belmont) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/6/2022 10:30 p.m. EST: Moved Osun Osunniyi (St. Bonaventure) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Jimmy Boeheim III (Syracuse) to Mock, per updated intel + PIT release.

4/6/2022 10:40 p.m. EST: Removed JT Shumate (Toledo) from Mock and added John Fulkerson (Tennessee) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/6/2022 10:45 p.m. EST: Removed Nate Laszewski (Notre Dame) from Mock and added Malik Williams (Louisville) to Mock, per updated intel + PIT release.

4/6/2022 10:55 p.m. EST: Removed Jelly Walker (UAB) from Mock and added Ty Gordon (Nicholls) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/6/2022 11:00 p.m. EST: Removed Isaac Likekele (Oklahoma State) from Mock and added Charlie Moore (Miami) to Mockper updated intel + PIT release.

4/7/2022 6:15 p.m. EST: Removed Justyn Mutts (Virginia Tech) from Mock and added Isaiah Whaley (UConn) to Mockper updated intel + PIT release.

4/8/2022 10:30 a.m. EST: Removed Jayden Gardner (Virginia) from Mock and added Savion Flagg (Sam Houston) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/8/2022 10:30 a.m. EST: Removed Noah Kirkwood (Harvard) from Mock and added Nysier Brooks (Ole Miss) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/9/2022 9:30 a.m. EST: Moved Will Richardson (Oregon) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Trent Frazier (Illinois) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/9/2022 10:00 a.m. EST: Moved Darius McGhee (Liberty) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Fatts Russell (Maryland) to Mock, per updated intel + PIT release.

4/9/2022 10:30 a.m. EST: Moved Kendric Davis (SMU) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitation and added Tyson Jolly (Iona) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/9/2022 11:00 a.m. EST: Removed Timmy Allen (Texas) from Mock and added Jericole Hellems (NC State) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/10/2022 12:00 p.m. EST: Removed Sasha Stefanovic (Purdue) from Mock and added Alonzo Verge Jr. (Nebraska) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/10/2022 12:30 p.m. EST: Removed Brandon Slater (Villanova) from Mock and added Courtney Ramey (Texas) to Mock, per updated intel.

4/11/2022 1:30 p.m. EST: Moved Tevin Brown (Murray State), Taevion Kinsey (Marshall), David McCormack (Kansas), Jermaine Samuels (Villanova), Vince Williams Jr. (VCU), James Akinjo (Baylor), Brady Manek (North Carolina), Marcus Bingham Jr. (Michigan State), Izaiah Brockington (Iowa State), DeAndre Williams (Memphis), and Antoine Davis (Detroit) from Mock to Projected Declined Invitations… Removed Jalen Slawson (Furman) and Bryson Williams (Texas Tech) from Mock… and added DeVante’ Jones (Michigan), Silvio de Sousa (Chattanooga), Michael Flowers (Washington State), Jeriah Horne (Tulsa), Brandon Horvath (Utah State), Dallas Walton (Wake Forest), Tommy Kuhse (St. Mary’s), Trevor Hudgins (NW Missouri State), Payton Willis (Minnesota), Rocky Kreuser (North Dakota State), Ty Flowers (LIU), Gaige Prim (Missouri State), and Koby McEwen (Weber State) to Mock per updated intel + PIT release.